Film & Music Playlist: Halloween Edition

It’s getting closer and you may be starting to panic if you haven’t got any plans for the big day on Saturday…

…I’m a film freak. So, my Halloween usually involves watching something that will keep me awake for at least a month. It’s all about thuds in the night and “Did you just hear that?!”  kind of behaviour.

I thought I’d share with you my top films for the night we’ve all been waiting for. Don’t worry, if you’re not particularly a fan of looking behind you every two seconds, I’ve got choices for the non-horror lover too…


So, Let the panic fade, make some spooky snacks and relax (… a little) into these chilling choices…

For the Head-over-heels Horror hero:

The Conjuring (2013)


James Wan struck hard with this one. It ticks all the boxes for what a horror should be. Now, the premise sounds extremely generic but just when you’re getting comfortable, Wan’s enthralling element of surprise creeps in… You’re not entirely sure how you got there but you sure as hell do not want to look back. A close-knit family move into an old farmhouse and everything seems fine, but it appears they have some unwanted visitors… A ghost-hunting duo come in to crack the case. Oh and by the way, it’s based on a true story.

Watch the trailer here.

Scare factors: Old haunted house, a doll, possession, hallucinations, “What’s behind you!”, ghost-hunting, eery bedroom scenes, classic Horror film feel, children, a jack in the box, a cellar.

 Dead Silence (2007)


Even the photo has flawed me. That’s right, Dead Silence is about… Ventriloquist dummies. Something that has terrified me right to the bone since watching Goosebumps as a child. A widower travels back to his hometown in search of the cause of his wife’s tragic death… While he’s there, we keep hearing of the mysterious Mary Shaw, a woman who had no children… only dolls. Not for the faint hearted, you will definitely need your cushion for this one. But trust me, it’s worth it just for the gobsmacking twist at the end.

Watch the trailer here.

Scare Factors: Dummies. Dummies. Did I mention dummies?

The Blair Witch Project (1999)


When I first watched this, I genuinely believed that I was witnessing real footage. Months before it was released, a website was created which talked of 3 people who went into the woods in search The Blair Witch. They had been missing ever since but luckily, a camcorder was found. It stated that permission was granted to release this top secret footage in the cinema. This fooled a lot of people, including myself and I have to say is one of the most badass PR campaigns ever. Fear not, Blair Witch is equally jumpy without believing this. With it’s handheld camera trickery, likeable characters and documentary feel… you will never want to go camping again.

Watch the trailer here.

Scare Factors: Middle of the woods, getting lost, being chased, night, ghosts, eery stories, noises, a witch.

Want more? Mama, Saw, The Shining, Evil Dead, The Tale of Two Sisters, Ringu…

For the Hiding, Hand-Holding, Horror hater:

Coraline (2009)


Henry Selick, director of my childhood love, The Nightmare Before Christmas, allows his mind-numbingly exceptional imagination to run wild with this one. Coraline is just like you and me, always thinking the grass is the greener on the other side. Although, unlike us, Coraline actually has the chance to jump over the fence and what she sees… is no picnic. With a beautiful hand-made quality, Coraline is an instant stop motion classic. Eery elements but just tame enough to watch alone.

Watch the trailer here.

Wow factors: Beautiful score, quirky humour, stop-motion, complex story, talking cat, French and Saunders.

The Hole (2001)


The opening scene will already have you sat firmly on the edge of your seat. I discovered The Hole at about 3am on Film Four when I was 12 years old. It made me adore alternative style even more, Liz goes right up there with The Craft’s Nancy. Liz gets a key for an underground bomb shelter and takes this as the perfect opportunity to win over an unrequited love. Taking a few friends with her, this film explores the extreme levels of obsession.

Watch the trailer here.

Wow factors: Thora Birch, plot twist, Grunge vibes, tense moments.

Want more? Gremlins, ParaNorman, Pan’s Labyrinth, Batman Saga, Seven, The Call.


I’ve also made a Halloween playlist here.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have an amazing Halloween!

Let me know your thoughts on my choices and if there’s any you would like to add!

Lisa Alice x


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