The Sweater Weather Tag

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I have been tagged by the beautiful GeminiMoonTree to complete the ‘Sweater Weather Tag’

Sweater Weather Tag

As you can see from my last post, I am a gigantic sucker for Autumn and all it’s sweatery goodness, so let’s jump right in!

  1. Favourite Candle ScentMy absolute FAVOURITE Candle Scent is a beloved candle called ‘Pumpkin Spice’ that my sister bought for me from The Range, I think?! It was around two years ago for Halloween. I still have it. It still smells awesome. I’m probably going to hold a funeral when it’s finished.Sweater 2

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

I’m going to be INCREDIBLY greedy here and say ALL of them. I drink so much tea, that I’m pretty sure my stomach is made of 99% Tetleys. However… I have to say Option’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is like a delicious party in my mouth.

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?

* Soppy, cringey, romantic babble alert* I met my boyfriend of 5 years in Autumn, this changed my life so drastically in the best possible way. All I can describe our encounter as is Love at First Sight. Despite the fact that it was at a University flat party and we spoke for about 2 minutes because we’re both awkward as hell is irrelevant, kay!

Sweater 3

4. Dark lips or winged eye-liner?

Again… I’m going to be really greedy here and say both! (Can you tell I’m the most indecisive person in the world?) People often say you have to wear either heavy eyes or heavy lips… But quite frankly, I think sporting both looks absolutely stunning. I adore dark lips, particularly the shades that Sleek offer. And winged eye-liner… I give you Dita. Von. Teese.


5. Best Fragrance for Fall?

Alien! Alien! Alien! It’s as if Thierry Mugler put my heart into a bottle. I first discovered this scent whilst working at The Fragrance Shop whilst at University, I would literally douse myself with it every shift and sniff my clothes all the way home… The smell is so intoxicating and powerful and the beautiful, piercing, purple bottle is a perfect match for Halloween. Just such a shame about the daunting price tag!


6. Favourite Thanksgiving food?

Unfortunately, We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. So, I’m just going to say Yorkshire puddings, because if I did throw a big Thanksgiving Feast, they would definitely be the guests of honour.

7. What is Autumn weather like where you are?

It’s still kind of in the early stages but it is cold, crisp and the sky has that delectable orange, purple hue.

Sweater 4

8. Most worn sweater?

My burgundy sweater which I got from New Look many moons ago. I adore it, it’s so cosy and feels like I’m being hugged by a Mammoth. Yes, I do realise I am a huge hoarder and I need to buy some new things! First the candle, now this!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?

Rimmel London’s Velvet Matte in ‘Sumptuous Red’ I don’t need to say why, do I? DROOL.


10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

As a devout non-sport participant, its got to be jumping in leaf piles with my boyfriend’s puppy, Flash. That’s when he’s not devouring the leaves.


11. Skinny jeans or leggings?

I haven’t worn a pair of jeans since I was 17 as someone delightfully told me I looked like a builder. I will get back to that heavenly, snug jeans wearing place one day but for now it’s thick, toasty leggings.

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

Combat boots so I can feel just that little bit closer to Lara Croft.


13. Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?

I’m sorry, but it just is. I raved about this in my last post, 10 Reasons to Love Autumn. But I could just bathe in that stuff. I do, however, wish that Starbucks would make a scary Halloween Latte that screamed every time I took a sip.

14. Favourite Fall TV show?

AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I’m a late bloomer in the world of AHS, but I am completely hooked. And I cannot wait to see Lady Gaga as The Countess in the new season. It’s just in that middle ground of horror where you can watch it on your own but still think about it when the lights go out…


15. What song gets you really into the Fall spirit?

As it goes, I am posting an Autumn Song & Film Playlist later this week. Where you will see in not-so-excruciating detail all my favourite Autumnal Anthems. But for now, it’s She & Him’s ‘Me and you.’ It makes me feel like I’m sitting directly in a pumpkin with Jack Skellington sipping some Deadly Night Shade.

Thank you for reading!

I would like to tag: Youtuber, Kiera Rose , Kate Baumber & Dorkface



2 thoughts on “The Sweater Weather Tag

  1. geminimoontree says:

    I loved loved loved reading this !!! It’s so fun getting to know how people reply to the questions, and I’m gonna give pumpkin spice another chance just cuz you made it sound that good 🙈🎃


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