Well, the black cat is truly out of the bag…

October has begun…

And with this, the enchantments of Autumn are starting to unfold before our eager eyes.

That’s it, really, isn’t it?

That’s why so many of us anticipate this magical time of year…

Our world starts to shift and change shade, as if a giant paintbrush has cast stroke overnight…

The leaves turn brown, the nights grow darker and the moon oversees us all with a brighter, sharpened eye.

Blog 3

In dedication to this dreamlike pinpoint on our calendar, I have compiled a list as to why I believe Autumn is awesome.

  1. More horror movies on TV – I’m a self confessed gore and ghost fanatic and when I’m flicking through the channels, nothing makes me do a little girlish, excited and slightly scared squeal when I see a Horror film on. In the lead up to Halloween this will happen nearly every weekend night and there will be no reason to leave an inch from that sofa.

2. Knitwear! Knitwear! Knitwear! – Say it three times, do a spin on the spot, open your eyes and there it is on every clothes rail! Every shop that you LOVE will be bringing out an Autumn range and let’s face it there is nothing more cosy than a big oversized jumper, a scarf, earmuffs, gloves and big socks. I know summer has only just closed it’s doors, but it’s okay we can accept that we live in the arctic now. 

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s in Starbucks – There is something about this beverage which just tastes like someone has squeezed all the smells and tastes of Autumn into a mug. I know EVERYONE talks about these and people will think they’re slightly overhyped but… they’re just crazy delicious. Also, I absolutely ADORE the new Starbucks Autumn take away cups.

Blog 2
4. Not feeling guilty about staying in – The plans of what to do on a night in become more exciting, where as, before you would have just probably watched some TV and gone to bed. Now, it becomes an evening to remember. You plan movie nights, exciting snacks, tasty baking, board games, girls nights in, couples nights in, long hot baths… So the guilt melts away for not going out because why an earth would you not want to be sat in front of that fire?

5. Cold, brisk walks – When and if you decide to leave that sofa, there is the opportunity to have a calming, fresh and altogether eye-opening walk into the wonders of Autumn.

6. Darker shades of make-up – Purples, browns, blacks, bronzes, blues… the make-up ranges start to delve into a more haunting, sharper style and you can look like Maleficent on a daily basis.

7.Jumping under your duvet – You’re at work, it’s 5 minutes before you clock off and all you’ve been thinking all day about is that luring, toasty bed that you left without a proper goodbye this morning. The bell strikes, you run to your car, race home, up the stairs and into that bed, you leap! All the days stresses melt away, you don’t have to worry about setting out into the cold until the next morning… heaven.

8. The leaves look and sound amazing – Instead of walking silently, there is now a satisfying crunch of brown leaves with every step.


9. Candles – I can’t get enough of candles all throughout the year, but now the scents get even more tantalising. This Yankee Candle Range has me watering at the mouth. Its as if candles invite Autumn in to stay for the night. [Yankee Candle Range: http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/en/eu/whats-new/new-fragrances/icat/newfragrances]

10. HALLOWEEN – Where do I begin? Dressing up. Sweets. Film fests. Pumpkins. Decorations. Spooky music. Going out. Staying in. Games. Special effects make-up. Feasts. Dressing up your pets. Letting go of your inhibitions. Letting out your inner creature. Frankenstein. Witches. Ghouls. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Blog 1

Thank you for reading!

Later this week, I will be putting up an AUTUMN PLAYLIST for both films and music that compliment the season!

As a taster, my Autumn band of choice is definitely, She & Him.



5 thoughts on “10 REASONS TO LOVE AUTUMN

  1. geminimoontree says:

    I so enjoyed reading this!!! You mentioned all the reasons why I love Autumn, I especially love Halloween it’s literally my favorite day of the year 👻
    Looking forward to that music & film list 🍁🎵


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