DIY: Orange locks

I’m re-dying my hair as it’s a tad faded and dull.

I miss looking like a fruit pastille.

So, I thought as many people ask me what I use to get my hair this colour and how to do it at home… I’d like to walk you through my little process.

It’s dead easy, dead quick. If you have a naturally light colour already, it can be as speedy as an episode of Friends.

Naturally, I’ve got mousey brown hair but I’ve kind of forgotten what that looks like as I’ve been tampering with my locks since the ripe age of 5 when I dabbled with some sun-in spray.

If you are doing this from a relatively dark colour you will need to bleach your hair before hand. As we are going for orange, you do not NEED your hair to be platinum. We want those brassy tones.

I usually use Jerome Russell’s Maximum Blonding Kit which you can buy here…

Do be cautious when using bleach at home.

 I’ve sadly learnt the hard way that if you do this on already damaged hair, it will snap off and you will have to rock a mullet for a very uncool period of your life.

Anyway for a top up on already light hair, you will need:

1st pic

  1. A mixing tub – anything will do, like an empty tub of butter. I am using a little coffee pot.
  2. Some sort of timer, I use my phone.
  3. Directions semi-permanent hair colour in ‘Apricot Shade’ which can be grabbed here:
  4. Any hair conditioner
  5. Latex gloves
  6. Face wipes
  7. Something to cover your shoulders and old clothes that you don’t mind giving a little bit of an orange splatty makeover.

I do mine on ‘Day Old’ hair, so I wash it the night before and put some sort of hair mask on it, letting it dry naturally, lulling it into a false sense of freedom before I’m about to work some magic.

Pic 3

Pic 4

So if you’ve got everything together, let’s go!

  1. Get the old clothes on, pop your gloves on and your cover.
  2. Put some Vaseline on your forehead, ears and neck. This will disallow any staining on the skin.

Pic 2

3.Mix together your tub of Directions with a dollop of conditioner. I use ‘Bee Kind’ by Herbal Essences because unsurprisingly my hair needs an extra bit of TLC. You can just put the Directions straight on, but I like to give my hair a little bit of a special treatment. The poor thing!

Pic 5

The fraction of Conditioner can change depending on how much hair you have, when mixed together the dye spreads giving you even more value for money. Mix until you are happy with the shade.

  1. Pin your hair into sections, I do mine half up half down because it isn’t too long.pic 6
  2. Starting with the roots paint the hair until all your separate sections are covered.

Pic 8

  1. Put a timer on for 25 minutes, listen to some music and wait until the time is up.

pic 9


  1. Then Rinse out until the water is as clear as it can be. I don’t have this too clear just so it lasts a tiny bit longer!
  2. Wipe off the Vaseline with your face wipes.
  3. Then brush, dry and style as normal. I use my beloved Tangle-Teezer to brush mine which decreases breakage. You can grab one here: 7

7. You don’t need to condition as you’ve already added conditioner, and if you haven’t it’s okay because Directions is actually full of the stuff!


I do this every 2 weeks to keep it zesty!

I’ve had all sorts of hair colours before but I just love the look of orange, warm tones on pale skin.


If you have any useful tips or just want to share your methods, please comment below.

I must stress that I am not at all trained as a hairdresser, I’ve just always dyed my own hair and this is what works for me!

Orange hair inspiration…


download (1)




4 thoughts on “DIY: Orange locks

  1. katiebau says:

    Thanks for this post – really useful tips! I use Directions Poppy Red for a really bright flash of red in my auburn hair. Haven’t ever used a dollop of conditioner at the same time though so will do this next time (like you, I have to re-dye it every 10 days or so to keep it bright!)

    Love the results you got. Beautiful! 😊


    1. Lisa Alice says:

      Hi, thank you for reading!! I use to have poppy red hair, absolutely LOVE the brightness! I wish it would last longer, but honestly using the conditioner gives you more dye to work with and makes your hair feel so silky! So glad I could help you 🙂 thank you!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa Alice says:

      Oh thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you to say!! Honestly I wish our hair could stay looking like a skittle forever! 🙂 Your bright red looks amazing, doesn’t look faded at all 🙂 xxxxxx


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