A New ‘Diet’

SPOILER ALERT: I am NEVER going to tell you to go on an actual food diet or change anything about yourself…

Life’s way too small to worry about not eating Nutella….

Blog 3

But what I WOULD like to share with you is a ‘Diet’ or ‘Regime Change’ that I’ve found has extremely rapid and astounding results.

This is the subtraction of ALL social media from your routine.

Now, we’ve all seen Trainspotting. I’m not suggesting a locked in the bedroom, cold turkey, smash your phone scenario.

All I’m asking… (Emphasising ALL with highlighters/underlining/bold/exclamation marks here) is that you nominate ONE evening a week to do this (Emphasising ONE with fireworks and it’s one theme tune)

I’m thinking Friday…

You’ve worked all week, most likely glued to a screen of some sort and it’s now the time to chill without your eyes going square, which come on we all believed to be the absolute gospel truth when we were little.

So, when I say ALL Social Media, I mean ALL.

I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Bebo… If I’m missing any, include them too!

And of course that means kissing goodnight the devices that possess these; your phone, your laptop/computer, your Apple watch (Lucky you!)

Walkie Talkie’s don’t particularly count, but unless you’re completing some sort of Toy Story mission, shut them away too…

When I’ve had discussions about this, people have often suggested they get rid of all electrical appliances, shutting off the TV, music…

ALTHOUGH, my favourite thing to do in the world is to watch a film and me telling you not to watch one would be against everything I believe in!


For one night a week, the ingredients you will need for this ‘Diet’ are:

A person/people to spend the evening with

An activity – this could be a board game, quiz… anything!

Your favourite meal – I’m talking a formal affair, get some flowers, set the table…


And that is IT. This ‘Diet’ really is that simple.

The idea is to wake you up to the room you’re in, the people you’re with and the moment you’re living.

How many times has someone been talking to you and you’ve just tuned them out cause you’re looking at a Pug video? Or time has flown by so quickly and you realise on Monday morning when a co-worker cheerfully exclaims “How was your weekend?”

And you have to come up with some crazy response cause it suddenly dawns on you that you’ve just been scrolling that finger through Facebook…

This way, you’re forced to make conversations with people and although you may think you know everything about someone, you will actually end up being quite surprised!

Your best friend could have out swam a crocodile… isn’t that a story worth listening to? (If she/he has, I want photos and the full story written in the style of Dr Seus)

I was forced into this ‘Diet’ as my phone decided to have a cheeky bathe and became water damaged, so off it went on holiday in a tub of rice for the weekend…

I found myself talking, laughing and appreciating my time a lot more.

The clock wasn’t moving slow nor fast, just at it’s natural speed, letting me realise how much time I spend on Social Media.

Now, I do this every week.

Social Media can be poisonous at times, you see someone else’s ‘perfect life’ and start feeling negatively about yours.

What you need to remember is that Social Media is 2D, those likes are 2D, the number of friends they have are 2D.

You are 3D and your life should be.

So, shut it down.

One night.

And never turn back.

I’m excited to hear about your experience, so please comment below with how this ‘Diet’ is working for you.

Before and after pictures are appreciated


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